#EricSheppardChallenge, I Think not…

I totally understand the anger, frustration and oppression, but there are alternative approaches. I wear this flag on my right shoulder and I’ll be damned if I see people stepping all over it because they are angry. I know people, children, families who have been destroyed by the loss their loved ones while they we’re wearing this flag.

You have the freedom to do whatever you want but please be more aware of your actions and remember it is not always best to act off of emotions. We ALL want justice, we all want change. What is the best way to make change, what is my alternative to burning the flag? Infiltrate the ranks. Teach our black children that they are royalty. Encourage our black youth that they can be presidents, members of Congress, high ranking officers in the military, mass media specialists, POLICE OFFICERS.

No, that won’t make change immediately but I strongly believe that this is the solution. It’s not fair, right, nor is it our fault that America is this way, but it IS our problem and we cannot wait for anyone to realize that. Take action by influencing the youth and making them believe that they are truly the future.


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